If you closely monitor the cryptocurrency market, you probably already managed to note that every day more and more coins appear here. Alas, not all of them can become successful; therefore the main task of an investor is not to buy as many little-known coins as possible, but to create a balanced investment portfolio by the help of mix btc, in which there will be a place for the main cryptocurrencies, promising cryptocurrencies and little-known coins. Find all the details with http://xn--millionrsleben-cib.de now.

The optimal distribution of funds in the investment portfolio is as follows:

  • 70% Bitcoins
  • 10% Ethereum
  • 15% Litecoin, Stellar or Ripple
  • 5% Tron, Iota or other altcoins

In simple terms, it is best to include in your investment portfolio 80% of known coins, 15% of very promising coins, and 5% of cheap coins, but with fairly bright growth prospects. In this case, possible losses on one coin will be covered by profit on other coins.

  • Investing in top cryptocurrencies
  • When investing in the cryptocurrency market, various strategies can be used. We list the most popular:
  • Investing in a promising startup at the ICO stage
  • Investing in little-known coins with a low cost, but with good growth prospects

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How to make money on cryptocurrency in 2018? A proven way is to invest in cryptocurrencies from the top of the TOP-10 rating of leading cryptocurrencies by capitalization. With them you will earn more, while taking on less risk. What are these digital currencies, and what features do they have? Consider this right now:

Bitcoin is created on the blockchain, is the first in the world and the most expensive cryptocurrency. The maximum release of these coins is limited to 21 million coins, it will not be possible to mine this cryptocurrency on a PC. To do this, you need to create your own mining farm or purchase basics.