Covid-19 taught many lessons to all young parents on how to take care of their children by keeping them safe at home as well as entertaining them within the house.

While parents are doing their jobs with work from home options, their children started entertaining themselves with animated videos, including online classes, cartoon movies, etc.

With these animated cartoon movies, children are not only gaining knowledge but also learning the values and ethics from the animated movies from the lead roles such as ChhotaBheem and Mighty Raju, Krishna &Balram.

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Aha, you are streaming all genres of movies, special shows, web series videos, and animated cartoon films online for your children’s entertainment. Aha videos are available in HD quality and streaming without interruption. There are some reasons to watch the Krishna Balram Warrior Princess movie online.

Krishna Balram Warrior Princess – Why it is a perfect pick for your children to watch!

Characteristics: Krishna, Balram

Production company: Green Gold Animations

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 67 Minutes

Year of release: 2020

Advantages of Watching Krishna Balram Warrior Princess

  1. The movie Krishna Balram Warrior Princess has the best story where children can learn values and ethics by watching.
  2. By watching these movies, the children can learn what the history of Krishna and his brother Balram is.
  3. The grasping power and learning capacity, creativity will be increased in children by watching the ancient time stories in animations.

So, let children watch animation movies online in HD quality at Aha video.


The director Rajiv Chilaka, in his way, made the characters most children-friendly. Rajiv Chilaka has proven in directing the animated movies with the successive series of the  ChhotaBheem, Mighty Raju, and Krishna &Balram. The production values are good, and the story is energetically highlighting the characters of Krishna and Balram.

The movie can be watched in 3D and available in the Aha video.


The movie ‘Krishna Balram Warrior Princess’ was directed by Rajiv Chilaka under the banner of Green Gold Animations.

Coming to the story, the warrior princess has the qualities of boldness and championship. The warrior princess is from a different universe and has stuck in a gigantic lotus blossom. Krishna and Balram helped her from removing her from that lotus. To know the complete story, watch the Krishna Balram Warrior Princess movie online at Aha OTT.


  1. The movie has taught me the importance of teamwork and values in helping others.
  2. Children can learn important aspects of the movie when they are watching.
  3. Krishna and Balram’s characters have been shown with more impact to know the importance of them to the children.
  4. The music director has composed the songs with simple tunes. All children can learn songs easily.

Make your children watch cartoon movies online at Aha

Let your kids watch animation movies online. Many children have the habit of watching cartoon serials on TVs. With the health-related Covid-19, all children and kids started watching all popular animated movies that have been designed and attracted for children.

Krishna Balram Warrior Princess is the perfect pick for your children. Aha OTT is streaming this animated movie now. Add this cartoon movie for their weekend watchlist today!

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