The man wasn’t a villain, however now he lives up to the title of antagonist. Rohan Kishibe and Heaven’s Door from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are a dynamic duo, and now you’ll be able to bring house their excessive-quality Medicos figures to your show! By turning its enemies into books, it could help your Rohan determine in his fight in opposition to enemy Stand Users and help Jojo alongside his journey! The Jojo figures are wonderful. Browse our assortment of Medicos’ collectibles, and full your Jojo-verse with these fashionable Heaven’s Door and Kishibe Rohan figures! Shop the iconic Stand from Jojo, Heaven’s Door, our Rohan figure, and more from Plaza Japan! If there’s one thing this Rohan statue has, it’s fashion! How nicely does the huge motion statue examine them?

You can swap out his arms for various poses, as nicely. Repair them into a wide range of positions you’ll instantly recognize from the anime, and switch out their equipment to inform the story you want to inform. Learn extra in regards to the character’s story. Heaven’s Door could appear as nothing greater than just a little boy. However, it has wit and cunning that comes using this statue’s detailed options. He additionally comes with extra fingers and weapons that can be swapped out and attached to the toy. You may own a bit of JJBA legend with the Enrico Pucci determine. Once upon a time, Enrico Pucci from JJBA was a kind-hearted jojo figures man with the better of intentions – but you understand what they say about these.

Enrico Pucci from JJBA is the first antagonist for everyone, partly 6 of the favored series. In part three, he develops a stand, The World, probably highly effective in all the sequences. You can see why he’s a should-have villain for fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Journey basically and for Half 6 particularly. It was first introduced in the arc Golden Wind Aureo). Followers of Jojo’s adventure have taken a selected curiosity in his unusual figures, and who can blame them? Subsequent on our record, we now have a figure of the impulsive, violent, but form-hearted ally of Josuke Higashikata – Okuyasu Nijimura. Ball jointed limbs, elbows, and knees allow you to arrange the figure in various positions.